Obani EP (Out Now)

Obani’s self titled debut EP is a journey of deep 140bpm bass that pays homage to the early pioneers of Dubstep and it’s original UK sound. Making a strong mark with his first project, Obani provides a breath of fresh air within a landscape of music that has otherwise drifted far from its previous resonations.

The Brisbane based solo artist stumbled upon Dubstep around 2011, but it was after experiencing a Mala show in 2015 that he discovered a much deeper appreciation for the sound, and it’s nuanced roots. This led him to follow artists like Benga, Coki and Japenese innovator Goth-Trad. Fast forwarding to 2016, where Obani has since been a regular guest at Goth-Trads ‘Back to Chill’ events in Tokyo, and similar shows around the region.

We hope you enjoy Obani’s first musical output, a diverse four-track EP displaying different vibes and styles of Dubstep, from the reesy in-your-face synths of ‘Mobius’, to the low-rolling grumbles of ‘Ya Man’ (premiered via FatKidOnFire).

Listen: https://fanlink.to/ObaniEP


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