Live Stream: Saltfeend + RaptorHandz

Join us for our next live stream featuring beat-smith Saltfeend from Portland, USA, plus RaptorHandz from Melbourne, Australia.
Those who are familiar with our back-catalog should be no stranger to Saltfeend’s music and past releases such as Salt Hop [2018] , Balboa [2019] and Dumont [2020].

If you caught his most recent online performance with us back in April 2020, you know that Saltfeend incorporates multiple SP404’s, turntables and samplers into his unique live setup (see link below for video recap)

Adding contrast to the realm of beats, RaptorHandz (alias of Able8) will be on the wheels spinning a wide range cutting edge bass-music, including forthcoming unheard Uncomfortable Beats material
Expect anything from the sounds of 140 to 170.
We hope you can join us on Twitch!

FB Event:

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