Prism Shank – Recondition EP

Plug in and ‘Recondition’, the debut release from Prism Shank, the rapidly emerging bass music producer and DJ hailing from Phoenix, Arizona.

Store / Stream Links:
Including Artwork NFT Link (Ghostmarket NFT Marketplace)

From start to finish ‘Recondition’ administers a strong dose of twisted futurism, drawing from the sounds of dubstep, trap and left-field bass. The opening theme ‘Collider’ was designed specifically to begin the override process and remove the limitations imposed by the frontal cortex, kick-starting the adrenal glands. The program continues the reformatting operation seamlessly across the rest of the EP, operating in and on the subconscious.

The four-tracker was created by Prism Shank, who himself was seeking a new neural pathway link, in an effort to overcome deep creative blocks and discover a new way forward. In order to challenge himself and reconfigure his creative process, he set about creating musical concepts using the limitations of only his own phone handset.

After an extended period of perfecting this concept across various applications, he was eventually able to defrag his creative subconscious, proving to be the first successful trail of his own ‘Recondition’ patch. Soon afterward, a partnership was established with Australia’s Uncomfortable Beats Corp, who formed a technical bridge that would allow the sonic teleportation of these sequences to sound systems and dance-floors across the globe.
After numerous tweaks to the patent, adhering to strict Government regulation, ‘Recondition’ was finally given the release date of August 24 


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