Live Stream: Turtleboy / Angus Green / Able8 / Mras Nitzi

It’s almost time again for another expedition in to beats and bass via live stream.This round we’ve enlisted San Diego bass music producer Turtleboy, known for his residencies at Smoke Signals, Cult 45, L.V.C.O & BrokenBeat events.

Joining the line up is Uncomfortable beats head honcho Able8, music producer Angus Green (recently released on labels like Plasma Audio, Chilla Holla and Stricly Flava) and boss selekta Mras Nitzi (Awesome Sauce Events)

With covid19 essentially locking down a large chunk of the world and affecting our ability to perform physically in clubs and bars, we are stoked to still be able to present the Uncomfortable Beats sound in this online format.


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