Saltfeend – Dumont EP

The ‘Dumont EP’ is Saltfeend’s third release with Melbourne’s Uncomfortable Beats label, and arguably his most well refined catalog of work to date.

This seven track voyage of sound embodies various styles of beats, threaded together by the same organic and deeply layered, lush sounding production flavor we have grown to love from the Portland based artist.

Leaning heavily on the inspiration of his surroundings (specifically the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the generous ever-changing local music scene), the beats included on the ‘Dumont EP’ are a personal snapshot-in-time. From the chunky flow of ‘Kicking Horse’, (inspired by a Canadian Rockies road trip), to the synth-hop flavoured ‘ƒloat’ (brought on by a remote mountain cabin getaway), the Dumont EP weaves together a sense of place, both near and far.

Adding further to the personal sense of the EP is the textured cover design, which was conceived from an original digital-illustration by Saltfeend’s daughter Maizy, a budding visual artist.
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