Uncomfortable Beats @ Beltane Festival 2017

We are proud to announce that Uncomfortable Beats will be facilitating an artist showcase at this years Beltane Festival , held at Wolfgang’s Palace from the 3rd – 7th of November.

This performance will focus on live, home-grown music from resident artists Walla_C, Melody Myla, Able8 and U-Wish. As an added bonus, Elf Trazporter (Combat Wombat) and MC Manix will also feature throughout the showcase.

Taking place on the Sunday afternoon, the team will be playing back-to-back mini sets for 2 hours. The vibes will be suitably chilled, packed with slow head-nodders and Hip-Hop / Eclectic Beats.

Beltane is an intimate community-driven festival. To find out more, or book your tickets head over to their Website.


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