Melody Myla x Termite – Holographic Woman (Out March 31)

Holographic Woman harks back to the golden era of 90s lo-fi trip-hop. A collaborative project from UK, come Melbourne emcee, and songstress Melody Myla and the elusive producer and lord of the mayhem, Termite to create an ethereal soundscape.

Layered textures and rolling rhythmic beats creating a seamless narrative over the 28 minute cassette. Whilst the smooth and haunting vocals of Myla breathe life into this dark and captivating piece. Distinctively English in sound, Holographic Woman is complete piece of work that pays homage to its roots in a strong way.

Holographic Woman is released on cassette and digitally via Uncomfortable Beats, Friday March, 31st at Grumpy’s (Fitzroy, Melbourne)

Launch line-up:
Melody Myla
Joe Snow
Walla C

Featuring Rogue Magnetic Sound

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