Battle 8 Recap

Congrats to WHOMP for taking out the win last week at Section 8’s battle. Both teams brought the thunder and we were really happy to get the chance to push our pure uncompromising uncomfortable goodness in front of such a supportive crowd.

For those that missed the event it went down like this:

Round #1
Live beats session with U-Wish, CommaComma, Walla C & Able8 feat. Elf Tranzporter & Joe Snow. A mixture of styles from wonky Hip-Hop to Dubstep. No compromises.
Peep the diverse journey of a DJ set from ShiKung, Round #2.

U-Wish & Able8 took Round #3 with a Grime & Half-Time rinse-out. Big ups to MANIX on the hosting duties!14100457_1061534897215304_9124256046320273054_n

And finally, Bass-Queen SK brought it home on Round #4 with the 160+ tempos, plus DJ BUICK on the cuts.

That’s it for our quick round-up. Thanks once again to all the crew who came down and showed their support!14202669_1061534853881975_4476962050846519354_n1


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