Natural Selections Vol.2 (Submissions Open)

In 2014 we released our 7th ever compilation album titled Natural Selections, a 22 track journey of Boom-Bap inspired Hip-Hop beats with a strong sample-based presence. Artists from across the globe sent in their submissions and in turn we picked the finest pieces that filled our specific vision the best.

2 years later on we have decided to follow up with a second volume. Keeping in tradition with the vibes of volume 1. we are looking for Hip-Hop beats and crunchy Bass-Music hybrids that loosely incorporate samples or organic aesthetics. There are no golden rules, or tempo restrictions. Both chilled and upbeat tracks will be incorporated this round, however this time around there will be a stronger presence of high energy tunes.

For inspiration, we have uploaded some snippets of our favourite submissions thus far for Volume 2 to our Soundcloud account:

Deadline for submissions: 31st of August 
Send MP3 Demo links via our contact form.

If your track is successful we will ask for a lossless audio file mix of your track with no compression on the master file, and roughly a few DB of headroom.

The release will be available for free or donation pricing via our distribution channels. See our last compilation Cosmic Cake on, Bandcamp, Addictech & More.


— Some of our picks from the 2014 release —


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