Cosmic Cake now on &

We are happy to drop the news that our latest compilation album Cosmic Cake is now available for free download on both the Ektoplazm & Addictech sites. (As well as our Bandcamp site, of course)

Special thanks to Cyclic Defrost (AUS) and Musique Montreal (France) for their reviews on there release which you can find here and here.

“Another characteristically excellent compilation from Uncomfortable Beats that sees the Melbourne collective offering up a selection that’s pure class, all the way through.”
– Cyclic Defrost

“Last step of our world tour in 12 tracks with Australia and it’s glitch hop.

Lots of glitch artists have emerged from that continent. Don´t ask me why but the best glitch hop of the planet often comes from Crocodile Dundee´s land. Uncomfortable Beats label has compiled 17 bullets between future beats banger and glitch hop.”
– Musique Montreal


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