24/1/2013: Aoi, Titus12, Ghostsoul, Kayhat, U-Wish & Slippery Jim @ Horse Bazaar

Neigh-Bours #2
Neigh-bours is a collaboration of three of Melbourne’s finest beats crews: L-Burn Illuminati, Uncomfortable Beats and Haarp Media.

We aim to reflect our solidarity and support of one another by giving you our regular bi-monthly showcases. We hope people can relate to what we present, as music and our collective bond drives, energises and inspires us through the good times and bad.

Line Up:
AOI (Live – L-Burn Illuminati)
VJ SLIPPERY JIM (Live Visuals)
TITUS 12 (Uncomfortable Beats)
GHOSTSOUL (Live – Uncomfortable Beats)
KAYHAT (Haarp Media)
U-WISH (Haarp Media/Cymatic Society)


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