Post #100: Uncomfortable Beats Compilation Album #2 OUT NOW!

We are proud to announce the next Uncomfortable Beats Album dropping tonight at LOOP in Melbourne!

Not only that, but this coincidentally marks the 100th post on the website, which is a milestone in itself.


Uncomfortable Beats is a Melbourne based collective that is dedicated to expanding and exposing the best in Australian beats culture to the rest of the world. This multi-headed beast is a record label, web blog, regular live music showcase, and even TV show. For over a year it has been a successful monthly residency showcasing the wealth of local talent in electronic and sample-based music.

The new release of compilation album “Uncomfortable Beats #2” (Launched 10/2/2012) is a solid addition to their discography. This release displays the bright future of this generations local electronic music pioneers.

2012 has seen the manager David Di Paolo (Able8) expand and evolve the team with additional members Pauly Fawcett (DJ ShiKung) and Rob Healey (Ghostsoul). So be on the lookout for more regular releases, events, and videos from Uncomfortable Beats this year, as the gap between Australia and the rest of the world grows smaller and smaller.


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