Q&A with BLW & OUCH

So, with the next Uncomfortable Beats show just around the corner, here’s a recent interview with BLW & OUCH about what got them started, and what we can expect to hear from them tonight…

What first got you into the DJ game?

OUCH: I suppose it was me wanting another outlet for my passion for electronic music. I played instruments throughout primary and high school but was getting jaded of single sounded instruments, djing and production you have the opportunity to play with all sorts of sounds.

BLW: Hip-Hop. In the late 90s everyone wanted to be an MC, turntablist/DJ, producer or writer/graffiti artist. Get good at all four and you’re an ‘all-rounder’; a sick-cunt. I was pressing vinyl records out at Corduroy Records and we started pressing some local hip-hop like Bias and Prowlz, etc. Eventually I was going to shows and wanting to play the music at gigs and in bars and clubs.

Which new or old sounds influence you the most?

OUCH: Old school jungle, the first crop of Dubstep producers, science fiction movie soundtracks.
Newer stuff i’d say minimal techno, autonomic, and the futuristic sounds dungeon style Dubstep

BLW: As far as DJing and production goes, I get excited when I hear well-crafted, innovative new music. Labels like Exit Records, Critical Music and Osiris Music are pushing the sounds I am feeling most right now. Pop artists like The-Dream, Drake or even Gotye are pushing popular music into new directions too and I’m into that. e.g. When I first heard Skrillex I was pretty impressed at what he was doing with the dubstep sound.

What can we expect to hear from you on Wednesday Night?

OUCH: Can expect to hear a techy, deep, dark and minimal style of Dubstep.

BLW: No Skrillex or Drake. Andy and I are definitely feeling some of the same sounds right now. I’ want to drop a little DnB at the end – tunes like Dub Phizix’s phenomenally popular ‘Marka’, which dropped recently and some other similar stuff. The new wave of minimal DnB/jungle that’s coming out has captured my attention so I’ll be showcasing some of that too.

Can you ame and give a brief run down on your favorite party played to date?

OUCH: Favorite party I have played so far was at the yellow sunshine music festival, even though my set got cut short because of technical difficulties, I felt i really the nailed the style of set im keen on pushing. Had a full crowd, great vibe, wicked system, was playing in a teepee and got props from the UK producer Phaeleh.

BLW: I haven’t played loads of DJ gigs, but the best experiences I have had playing tunes to people is when the dancefloor is vibing and the pressure is on to keep bringing the heat. The Ghosthouse nights were fun. People didnt take the party, nor themselves too seriously which made it a good place to be. The music was dope, the people were cool/chill and the cobwebs and smoke machine made the night fun and different.

So what’s in store for the future of Ouch & BLW?

OUCH: Future for me is all about production, want to be able to begin playing some of my own music in my sets in 2012.

BLW: Ditto. I’d like to release something in the first half of 2012. Traveling overseas is also on the list. We’ll see what happens… Andy and I have a radio show on KISSFM that starts on Sunday Jan 15 and we’ll be playing a few more sets around the place over Summer. Supporting Borgore on Xmas night which should be interesting. I didn’t make it to his previous shows.

Catch BLW & OUCH playing back-to-back tonight at Uncomfortable Beats,
Bar Open, Fitzroy, Melbourne 
(Free Entry)


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