Online Radio and some extras..

As I write this, Ghostsoul is preparing for his live set on for the show “Dude Where’s My Bass?”  Which will be airing at 7:30PM tonight. He will be performing 1.5 hours of his original material. Definitely worth tuning in for.

Another great online show to check out is GLITCH THIS. Which airs on Sundays online at  DJ Shikung is the man and music behind this regular show, which is streamed and presented straight out of Melbourne.

There are heaps of other shows that promote local beats and bass music including The Beat Delivery and Tomorrow Land on PBS 106.7 FM and The City Rises on TripleR just to name a few… I’ll make a proper list of these soon.

In Other news…

Local beat-smith Electric Sea Spider has released a bunch of his old tunes in the form of a downloadable mixtape. They are bad-ass. You can check it out HERE.