Outside of producing my own music under various aliases, I enjoy working with other artists. For many years I have been working as a recording and mixing engineer in a range of professional studio environments. My clients have been many, below I am sharing only a few highlights.

Originally coming from a vocalist background, I feel like I can help recording artists get the most out of their lyrics and takes – with strong attention to detail and a fast work rate, we can usually get a LOT done in a session. If the artist is comfortable, I can often offer suggestions (eg. syllable placement or removal) but will always let the artists express their vision freely!

Outside of these sessions I have been recording and facilitating music programs with troubled Youth and artists affected with disability. For nine years I’ve been working in Youth Justice and other custodial settings running music programs with companies like Living Music and Parkville College. Coming from a place of no-ego I am always creating a chill pressure-free environment.

Microphone: Neuman U78AI
Pre-Amp: Avalon737
Compressor: Auroa Audio GTC2 (Geoff Tanner)
Soundcard: RME Fireface UCX
Speakers: Neumann KH120, Yamaha HS80

Fender Rhodes, Korg Polysix, RE-Space Echo 201, Access Virus C Synth, Waldorf Pulse Synth, Waldorf Microwave Synth, Waldoft Microwave XT Synth, Roland SH1a, Roland SH101, Technics 1200’s.

Sam Binga & Rider Shafique – Organic [Critical Music]
Credit: Recorded Vocals

Outside of this track I have two personal unreleased songs created with Rider Shafique, and others which I recorded for him while he was in Australia.
Credit: Recorded vocals, Mixed & Mastered Audio

I have recorded many tracks for Fraksha, Smashbrothers and their extended crew, many of which are released in various forms and feature a range of vocal talent from Australia’s Hip-Hop and Grime scene.
Joe Snow ft. Datkid & Res One – She Wish [Pang Productions]
Credit: Recorded Vocals, Mixed & Mastered full album

I have a strong ongoing relationship with Joe Snow and have written and released a lot of original music with him in our HI TRAX crew, plus I record and engineer a most of his music releases
C.T Listen Out (Link Up TV)
Credit: Recorded Vocals, Mixed & Mastered Audio

While C.T was in Australia we recorded regularly for about a year. This was one of many tracks we recorded and worked on. He’s an enthusiastic guy with a strong work rate!
Sinks – Brainless Feat. Thando (EP) [2017]
Credit: Recorded Vocals

Over the years I have been Sinks’ go-to for recording, and also quite a lot of mixing. I’ve recorded his last three albums which have all been pressed to wax.

Fraksha, Diem, Scotty Hinds & Wiley – Check This [2019]
Credit: Produced Beat, Recorded Vocals, Mixed & Mastered

After working closely with Smash Brothers as the go-to recording engineer for a long time, it was surreal that the night they brought The Godfather of Grime WILEY to the studio. I wrote this beat hours before their arrival and we banged this tune out!

Słoń & Dope D.O.D. – BrainDope feat. Wombat
Credit: Recorded Wombat’s Vocal

Over time I have recoded a bunch with Wombat and Nerve and some of that crew. Including hosting the Fully Gassed Australian Grime Cypher and

Motley – SafeHouse Session One-Take [2020]
Credit: Recorded, Mixed & Mastered.

At my older studio “SafeHouse Studio” we recorded a series of 13 different artists for The Guilty Party Youtube Channel. This was one of my favourite of the bunch, from MOTLEY.

Apart from these sessions, I am the main audio guy a range of The Guilty Party videos, often their video editor also.